Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get More Done by Resting Actively

Active rest is the term my personal trainer used to explain why my legs rejected walking and my arms wouldn’t let me pick up anything heavier than my laptop for several days after our previous session. The oxymoron describes how one can get a more intense workout by exercising one part of the body while another is recovering. Rather than three continuous sets of squats, we incorporated an overhead press after 12 reps and so forth. The concept isn’t unlike managing my public relations business.

Delayed approvals and postponed meetings can make the wheels of progress churn at a snail’s pace, and I’m not one who handles slow-motion well. The void created by a dearth of activities is frustrating, confounding and crazy-making. During these periods I purposefully put to rest my feelings about the situation and focus my efforts on other critical parts of my business. I fill the hours with networking, blogging, helping others, and developing new services and ideas so that I can maintain my sanity. These efforts don’t provide immediate monetary rewards, but quickly improve my mental state and have long-term benefits. 
Networking is a no brainer – getting out of the confines of my office provides a huge opportunity to get my mind off the pressures of the day, and of course meet potential clients. Additionally, I learned blogging has far more benefits than I anticipated. For example, nearly all of my potential clients review my blog before our first in-person meeting. However, I started a blog as an opportunity to grow in my profession and to keep my writing skills sharp.

When looking for short-term ways to provide assistance to others, I try not to over think the opportunity. I’ll spend a little time on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and see who has requested a re-tweet, or needs a little help promoting an event. Finally, as a true entrepreneur, I’m always working on a new service for my company or business concept. This gives me the opportunity to continue to evolve and learn.    

Sitting still for too long weakens your mind and your body. Flex the muscle between your ears and move in the direction of progress.

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