Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let Your Audience - Not Your Ego Decide Where to Pitch

Every would-be rock star dreams of having their picture on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Nothing says, "I've made it," quite like a feature in the pop-culture publication. Though none of my clients are musicians, some have dreams of being featured in specific media outlets. I sat across a conference room table from a client who made a request for me to begin pitching Forbes magazine. I responded with a question, "What good would that do you?" Forbes magazine is a national publication which features the best and the brightest in business, but how would that help him sell more medical equipment in Dallas? It wouldn't. What might be good for your ego, won't be as good for your bottom line.

Target your media pitches to the publications your audience reads, and then determine which reporter(s) might cover your story. For example, if your key audience group is senior citizens in Dallas, than go after local newspapers. Aligning your media pitching goals with your customers' demographics will ultimately help you sell more merchandise and get the recognition you deserve.  

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